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About Us

NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group

By continuing to create a diverse range of Japan-sourced innovative global ICT services, NTT Service Innovation Laboratories will become a key revenue source for NTT Group in the years ahead. The Labs play a fundamental role in creating the core competencies needed to maintain NTT Group's position as a leading company in service innovation. Through development of a secure cloud platform based on advanced media processing, information processing, security, and other cutting-edge technologies, Service Innovation Labs is working on highly innovative ICT services deployed over the platform that provide a multimedia-rich experience and greatly enhances our quality of life.

  • Service Evolution Laboratories
  • Media Intelligence Laboratories
  • Software Innovation Center
  • Secure Platform Laboratories

NTT Information Network Laboratory Group

Seeking to achieve a network that is simple, smart, and sustainable, NTT Information Network Laboratory Group focuses its R&D on "convergence networks," "network operations, traffic, and quality," "the environment and energy," and "network technology" with the goal of implementing an information network society platform capable of connecting virtually any device for delivering the information you want when you want it.

  • Network Technology Laboratories
  • Network Service Systems Laboratories
  • Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group

NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group's mission is to identify the long-term direction of technology that generates new value while building a unifying force that moves NTT in that direction. Basic areas of research cover an extensive range from basic research of physical properties and communications to research on device platform technology and system applications. R&D emphasizes basic and advanced technologies to create a richer communications environment for individuals and communities alike.

  • Network Innovation Laboratories
  • Device Innovation Center
  • Device Technology Laboratories
  • Communication Science Laboratories
  • Basic Research Laboratories
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