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Why does NTT value diversity?

To create new innovations

As a global ICT corporate group, the NTT Group seeks to create new value through
innovation in order to respond to needs from around the world.
To achieve this goal, we believe it is essential to respect and utilize the diverse values and individualities of our employees.
We have therefore made diversity and inclusion a critical part of our management strategy.
At NTT R&D, we value creative and multifaceted research activities that are rooted in the diverse values and individualities of each of our employees.
With this belief, the NTT Group seeks to continue to be “Your Value Partner” that contributes to our customers not only in Japan but around the world.

Policy and Philosophy

Active participation by diverse human resources and realization of diverse work styles

To support NTT’s creative and multifaceted research activities, we are devoting our might to promoting full participation by diverse human resources and realizing diverse work styles for each of our employees.
We place the utmost importance on enabling all employees, regardless of their gender, age, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc., to engage in advanced research and development activities in their own unique way and with peace of mind.
In addition, we have established a working environment that allows employees to adopt efficient and flexible work styles, such by using the discretionary labor system, flextime system, or telework system. NTT R&D’ flexible working environment also allows employees to take various types of leave to achieve diverse work styles, allowing them to concentrate on R&D activities and also enjoy home life.

Chosen by customers
「Your Value Partner」←Creation of groundbreaking ←A workplace where each individual can maximize their abilities and play an active role←Mutual respect and cooperation←Diverse human resources(Gender  Age   Human rights   Nationality Disability   Sexual orientation   Gender identity )