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This entrance is for those who are graduated from a four-year university or completed a master's/doctor's program by March 2025.

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Application RequirementsRequirements

Positions available Researcher/engineer positions in R&D and intellectual property related to information and communication technology.
Academic requirements Applicants must have graduated from a four-year university or completed a master's/doctor's program by March 2025, with no employment experience following graduation from the school or completion of the programs where the final degree was earned.
Subjects required Any faculty/department
*Although we are only hiring researchers, applicants from any faculty/department are welcomed.
Location Head Office, R&D Centers (Musashino, Yokosuka, Atsugi, Tsukuba), Keihanna, Shinagawa
*with Remote-standard (telework) system
Holidays and vacations Saturdays & Sundays (total 5-day workweek system), public holidays, summer holiday, year end/new year holiday, paid holidays (20 days per year), special leave (marriage, childbirth, etc), Life Plan vacation etc.
Initial salary Doctor's 328,260 yen per month
Master's 275,520yen per month
Bachelor's 275,520yen per month
*Planned initial salaries for new recruits in 2025
*In FY2025, we also plan to set higher hiring salaries based on the level of expertise.
Training / Training & Career Path Freshman training, acquisition of R&D skills through OJT, support for self-improvement (correspondence courses, etc.), dispatch to overseas research bodies, dispatch to universities in Japan or overseas for acquisition of MOT, etc.
Contact address Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Human Capital Management Group
3-9-11, Midori-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-8585 Japan
Numbers hired 80(2024)