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Systems for Supporting Diverse Employees

NTT provides various forms of support to create an environment
where diverse human resources can coexist with one another and
where each employee can demonstrate his or her abilities and have a full, active life.

Systems for supporting work-life of diverse human resources (examples)

Promoting efficient working styles

Discretionary working system Employees have flexible work hours and can determine how they carry out their work and allocate time at their own discretion.
Flextime system Employees decide their own daily working hours and starting and ending times within the limit of working hours each month.
Remote standard system Employees work from home or remotely as their basic working style (introduced in July 2022 to promote “work in life”)

Support for balancing life events and work

Wedding ceremony or move due to marriage ・Special leave (marriage)
Before/after pregnancy ・Life plan leave* (fertility treatment), medical checkups, commuting mitigation, sick leave (morning sickness)
Childbirth ・Special leave (childbirth)
・Nursing care leave (for childbirth by spouse), life plan leave* (for childbirth by spouse)
Childcare ・Shorter working hours for childcare leave/childcare ・Shift work on an individual basis for childcare
・Discounts on childcare support services, etc.
・Life plan leave* (for childcare, participation in children’s school events, etc.)
・Special leave (childcare time) ・Nursing leave
Nursing care ・Nursing care leave ・Shortened working hours for nursing care
・Shift work for nursing care on an individual basis
・Life planning leave* (for nursing care of family member) ・Short-term leave for nursing care
・Discounts on nursing care support services, etc.

※Life plan leave: Accumulated leave that can be used for any reason

“Kurumin”-certified childcare-friendly company

2018年認定 くるみん 子育てサポートしています

NTT has received the “Kurumin” certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, indicating recognition of its efforts to support childcare through work-life balance measures. NTT’s certification includes meeting the higher certification standards revised in 2017, thanks to the company’s continuing childcare support efforts.

Recognized as one of the “Top Hundred Telework Pioneers”

TW100 Telework Pioneer

NTT has been recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as a “Top Hundred Telework Pioneer” for its introduction and use of telework.

NTT has received the “Gold” rating two years in a row for its LGBTQ-friendly workplace.

work with Pride Gold2017

NTT has received the highest rating of “Gold” for two consecutive years in the “PRIDE Index.” This appraisal was established by the volunteer organization “work with Pride” to evaluate corporate efforts related to LGBTQ and other sexual minorities.

Example of childcare leave for male NTT R&D employee

It is one of the best times of my life!

I had yearned to be a part of a rich research system, so I joined NTT R&D. I have experienced a wide range of work here, mainly in device-related research, but also including systems development and research management. Currently, I’m in a managerial position. But I’m also working on research on significantly improving the performance of devices that support optical networks. The goal is to achieve drastic economization and energy saving in optical components in the future.
I took childcare leave when I was a member of the Young Employees Committee, which was launched as an experimental organization. The Young Employees Committee had been discussing measures to support childcare, and I decided to take childcare leave because I thought it was important to experience it for myself. It was a good time to do so because of the age of my child and my wife’s career plans. My wife was very positive about my decision to take childcare leave. Everyone else was also supportive, including my boss and colleagues at work, neighbors, and the staff at the daycare center. It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable periods of my life so far. When I returned to work, I was very sad to think that I would not be able to spend as much time as I did with my child.
I am currently working as a member of the Diversity Council, which focuses on diversity and equality. We take problems close to us, such as balancing childcare and nursing care and the work environment for international employees, very seriously. Of course, these are very serious issues, but we try view them in a cheerful way so we can laugh while tackling them.
NTT R&D is very tolerant, including its support for childcare. They support us with all their might when we move at top speed in our research. And even when we sometimes slow down, they are there waiting for us. I hope that my experience will be an example for young people who come after me in trying to achieve a wonderful balance of research and family life.

Hiroshi FukudaNTT Device Technology Laboratories Joined NTT in 1995.
When he took childcare leave, he said he was not particularly anxious because he felt “things will turn out the way they’re supposed to.” He thinks back and says, “Perhaps I even enjoyed being apprehensive and facing challenges.”