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This entrance is for those who are graduated from a four-year university or completed a master's/doctor's program by March 2025.

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Human Resource Development SystemTraining & Career Path

Imagining the future is the power to bring excitement
to life Hone your true individuality

To create a future yet to be seen, an exciting future, we believe it is important for each NTT R&D employee to be a “researcher with autonomy and high market value.”
We support career formation that is rich in variety, from basic research to technology management, tailored to each employee’s career plan.
We are constantly reviewing, updating, and optimizing our training programs so our employees can develop into researchers with high market value, even in a time of increasingly rapid change.

Career Planning and Training Programs
社内公募制度 若手プロジェクト スキルアップ研修 海外MOT留学 研究テーマ企画(OJT)

Skills improvement training

Mainly conducted in a group format, a balanced offering of courses provides participants with not only specialized skills for R&D, but also general skills for working adults. The former courses include training on how to obtain patents, which make up important intellectual property of NTT R&D. The latter courses include intensive English conversation and technical writing training.

Research theme planning (OJT)

Designed for bachelor’s and master’s degree holders, participants work on their own original research topics after joining NTT and comprehensively learn related skills, the state of peripheral technologies, methods of approaching problems, presentation skills, and other skills. Through OJT and one-on-one mentoring by NTT R&D’ world-class R&D staff, participants can expect to achieve results quickly.

MoT study abroad

Through research at leading-edge overseas research institutions (universities, national laboratories, etc.), participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate NTT R&D’ technological capabilities, while at the same time exploring new research directions and forming overseas human networks to become a R&D practitioner on a larger stage.

Systems for enhancing motivation of R&D members

Young Researcher Projects

This system allows young R&D members to manage their own projects without being restricted by the organization they belong to or their research theme. Young R&D members submit their own ideas to the committee, and upon approval, receive a budget to launch their project. This system provides an ideal opportunity for young researchers to capitalize on their unique ideas and develop their abilities.

Internal recruitment system

NTT R&D’s internal system enables each NTT Laboratory to recruit R&D members from other NTT R&D and organizations for purposes such as establishing new R&D themes and expanding existing themes.

Special treatment

NTT Fellow
A researcher who has been recognized worldwide for research achievements and is expected to continue to produce high-quality research results is given the title of “NTT Fellow.” As one of NTT R&D’ world-class researchers, an NTT Fellow is provided with a special laboratory, allowing him or her to take on the mission of pursuing even more innovative research.

Senior Distinguished Researchers

The title is given to extremely outstanding Distinguished Researchers. Senior Distinguished Researchers have the mission of driving innovative research/leading-edge technological development in research fields deemed to have long-term importance for the NTT Group.

Distinguished Researcher

A young, innovation-minded researcher who is recognized inside and outside NTT R&D as a particularly outstanding researcher is given the designation of “Special Researcher.” A Special Researcher is granted discretionary power over research (e.g. continuity in research themes, securing research funding, etc.) and receives strong support in carrying out research.